Customer Reviews


'It has made a tremendous difference'


Comments: We have been using the Agile Fleet Commander software system since fall 2011. It has made a tremendous difference in our transportation department. It is very user friendly for our customers and allows access for after hour reservations. This has been a big win win for our customers and staff. No more paper reservation books and manual reports! We are able to remotely operate 2 additional campuses from our main location.

Pros: The reports we generate are fantastic. So much easier to track vehicle mileage, fuel costs and maintenance.

Cons: None

Advice to Buyers: I would highly recommend this software. Saves time, man power and increases your profit. The Agile Fleet team are great to work with and made our transition very easy.

—Debbie Bond, Transportation Manager at Northeastern State University


'Great software'


Comments: Since we have started using the Agile Fleet Commander system, it has made reservations easier for our employees of the Muscogee Creek Nation to access a motor pool vehicle. We are also able to keep track of the utilization of our vehicles , the drivers habits and trip details of the of the Muscogee Creek Nation and GSA vehicles.

—Shane Holuby, Fleet Manager at Muscogee Creek Nation



'Customers and staff love the system'


Comments: The FleetCommander software is easy to use and customers and staff love the system. The software has increased productivity and accuracy of the university fleet. The system streamlines a number of our processes.

Kathy Wellik,Fleet Manager at Iowa State University



'FleetCommander is an excellent product'


Comments: FleetCommander is an excellent product that I can truly rely on. We greatly increased our utilization and lowered our capital cost. Any time there is an issue they are willing to assist quickly and effectively."

— Kevin Rogers, Fleet Manager at Forsyth County, NC



‘FleetCommander has been a great success for us’


Comments: We have been using this product at one location for two years. It has been a great success for us. We have an assigned motor pool manager who has been able to take on additional job duties because this product has freed up a lot of his time and means we do not always need a live attendant at the motor pool. We are expanding to a second site which he will be able to manage remotely. Agile is a very professional company who offers great support and who are very easy to work with. They have always been flexible and they take the time to work with us without being too "techie."

— Rick Hilmer, Fleet Manager at Prince George's County, MD