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Dreading the RFP process? There's a better way.

Posted by The Agile Fleet on June 15, 2016


If you are dreading the time consuming process of issuing and managing an RFP to procure your fleet and motor pool technology solution, consider purchasing through an existing cooperative contract. The National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) provides competitively bid purchasing contracts to its member organizations that satisfy the RFP process. Member organizations include states, cities, counties, all government agencies, both public and private educational agencies, colleges, universities and non-profit organizations.

Agile’s FleetCommander solutions, and hundreds of awarded solutions, are available for purchase via the NJPA contract. NJPA contracts are competitively solicited and awarded with established pricing.  All contracting processes have been satisfied on behalf of your agency. If you aren’t familiar with cooperative purchasing, read on.

The NJPA is a public corporation/agency that provides pre-negotiated cooperative purchasing contracts. NJPA has already conducted an exhaustive 12-step open and competitive bidding process that eliminates the need for additional solicitations. NJPA contracts offer both time and money savings by consolidating numerous individually prepared solicitations into one national, cooperatively shared, contract. NJPA contracts are accepted by the highest level of government and educational agencies and non-profits across the country and in Canada.

NJPA has the authority to offer cooperative contracts via joint powers and/or cooperative purchasing laws which create the authority for members to work together with NJPA. These laws are a part of every state law. Essentially, what they attest is: “What two units of government can individually do for themselves, one can do for the other.”

Purchasing via an NJPA contract is easy. Once you have submitted your application to join NJPA, peruse their vendor list and reach out to the vendor directly. Here at Agile, you can contact our Chief Sales Officer, Dan Fitzpatrick to assist in defining the FleetCommander solution that best meets your motor pool technology needs. Contract pricing will be provided as well as instructions on providing a purchase order.

If you are interested in purchasing fleet solutions quickly or without having to go through a formal solicitation process, we encourage you to consider purchasing via the NJPA contract. NJPA is totally free to join, and requires no payment, liability or obligation to purchase. Read more about NJPA here.

If you have any questions about purchasing any of Agile’s FleetCommander solutions via the NJPA contract, visit our NJPA vendor page here or reach out to Dan Fitzpatrick at

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