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Expert advice: how fleets can move forward positively - despite Covid-19

Posted by The Agile Fleet on May 12, 2020

Agile Fleet President Ed Smith

Did you know that 80% of fleet managers expect budget reductions next year? Fleets hit hard financially by the Covid-19 crisis may now be required to make changes that will reduce costs, increase social distancing, and improve efficiency. The good news is that it may not be as difficult as you may think. Things like eliminating underused vehicles from the fleet, sharing vehicles in a self-service motor pool, and fleet right-sizing can all significantly reduce costs.

Did you know that the carrying cost of one passenger vehicle is between $3,500-$8,000 annually? If you can eliminate just 5 underused vehicles out of your fleet for example, you can save between $17,000 and $40,000 a year.

One of the best ways to reduce costs and improve social distancing is by implementing a shared vehicle fleet with a self-service motor pool system. Sharing vehicles, rather than allowing people to have their own vehicles, not only reduces costs but offers many benefits for your employees. People who have been reluctant to share vehicles in the past will be happy to learn that with a system like ours they can reserve vehicles online from whereever they are working. They may no longer need to handle things like maintenance and cleaning because fleet staff does it. Also, in a motor pool, vehicles tend to be newer, and employees now have a choice of vehicle types rather than just one.

Automating the vehicle sharing process enables you to remain open while your fleet staff works remotely. An all self-service motor pool automates the sharing process without the need for an attendant to be present to manage keys. And, metrics are automatically collected for reporting and for right-sizing initiatives.

For those fleets continuing to operate vehicles during this time, it is extremely important to implement enhanced cleaning of the vehicle and all surfaces after every use to limit the spread of COVID-19. Our system features an Inspection and Prep plan that can be implemented to ensure vehicles are cleaned and properly sanitized. Agile recommends that vehicles be set to automatically go into an Inspection or Prep queue after each reservation. We also recommend using FleetCommander's buffer feature to increase the time between vehicle uses. By implementing these features, you will be able to provide your maintenance and cleaning personnel with the time they need to safely clean and sanitize your vehicles.

While the Covid-19 situation is a crisis, it also offers fleets an opportunity to change for the better. Here are some success stories from some of our clients:

The City of Stamford, Connecticut

  • Saved $1 million over 5 years
  • Reduced from 80 to 29 vehicles shared in a motor pool
  • Generated one-time disposal income of $204,000
  • Saved $178,000 in ongoing vehicle costs/year

Forsyth County, North Carolina

  • Manages 4 motor pools from one location
  • Saved $300,000 immediately by eliminating underused vehicles and automating their fleet processes
  • Saved more than $1M for taxpayers since automating their fleet
  • Cut their expenses for personal vehicle use by 50%

Cornell University

  • Reduced vehicles from 220 to 150
  • Saves $250,000 annually
  • Manages 2 motor pool locations from a single fleet office
  • Collects data automatically

If you’re wondering how much your fleet could save, our experts at Agile Fleet are here to help you figure it out. We offer a free Fleet Savings Assessment to help quantify what you could achieve by right-sizing your fleet and sharing vehicles.

If we can help you during this time, or any time, feel free to reach out to me at or via our website at Above all stay well my friends! We will all get through this together.

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