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Choosing motor pool technology: tips from successful fleet managers.

Posted by The Agile Fleet on August 26, 2015

checklistChoosing fleet technology or creating a fleet technology RFP can be an intimidating task, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve talked to hundreds of fleet managers who have successfully made their way through the process, here are some recommendations they’ve shared with us.

Have a clear understanding of WHY you want to implement a motor pool. If you set your goals at the outset of the process, you have a much higher likelihood of selecting the right motor pool technology for your organization. It’s easy to get “wowed” by new fleet management technology without understanding whether or not it will meet your particular needs. 

Document WHAT you think you need, NOT HOW you think it is to be delivered. Once you have articulated your goals, document your goals and objectives in writing. If you have been audited and have been given clear directives on what problems sharing vehicles will solve, include those directives in your stated goals. At this stage, it’s important to articulate your motor pool needs -- without stating how those needs will be met.

LEARN FROM organizations similar to yours. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, there are plenty of organizations with motor pools like yours that have “been there, done that.” Get references from fleet technology vendors, peruse their press releases, and read case studies. 

BORROW RFPs from organizations similar to yours, or skip the RFP all together. Other organizations are usually more than willing to share their fleet and motor pool technology RFP language with you. You can also find them online, or ask vendors. Or, you can circumvent the RFP process all together by purchasing directly from an existing contract or through cooperative purchasing contracts such as GSA schedule or NJPA (National Joint Powers Alliance).

Address EVERY AREA of fleet and motor pool management. Vendor requirements should always address the three key components of a motor pool:

  1. Scheduling and coordinating use
  2. Dispatching
  3. Reporting and billing

If they don’t address these three areas, they may not be able to adequately meet all of your needs. The key is breaking them down into manageable parts. If you are in the process of evaluating fleet technologies to automate your motor pool operations and are wondering where to start, check out our new e-guide.

Evaluating & Choosing Fleet and Motor Pool Technology:  A Buyer's Checklist 

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