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An Insider's look at the University of Notre Dame's Fleet Management Success with Fleet Director Deanna Ponsler

Posted by The Agile Fleet on February 06, 2018


Deanna Ponsler is the Director of Transportation, Warehouse and Delivery for the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, IN. One of Agile Fleet’s newest customers, Notre Dame is currently transitioning from manual processes to using FleetCommander to manage 300 vehicles, as well as to run a motor pool of 20 vehicles.

Q:  Tell us a little about the goals you set for the project to automate the University of Notre Dame's fleet management.

A:  In the past we have relied on an array of spreadsheets, paper forms and manual processes to manage vehicle rentals and vehicle maintenance. Our reporting was done based on data captured as part of rentals and maintenance. Our goals for the project were to Increase efficiency, reduce physical paperwork, automate where possible, enable effective reporting, and improve customer service.

As we continue with the automation process, our goal is to analyze utilization reports in order to right-size and right-type our fleet. We look forward to eliminating paper and increasing efficiency of reservation process. We are happy to be making the process easier for our customers, as well as providing them with easy access to receipts and confirmations. These changes will offer a more efficient process for looking up reservations and related costs when customers call in with questions.

Most of our customers require receipts. With the new system, we will no longer have to make copies, scan and email them. People will be able to print their own or manage it online.

We are currently developing a pilot of the web request process with an initial standard department, and then we will be moving on to our more complex student clubs. Some customizing will be essential for us.

Q:  Do you plan to introduce the idea of further sharing within the University?

A:  Yes we look forward to introducing the notion of sharing additional vehicles as we gain more data from the system.

Q:  What is your favorite thing about the system?

A:  The thing we love is the ability to quickly access data about our vehicles and reservations, without sifting through paperwork. Since we are new, we still have yet to find out about all the capabilities, but so far we are enjoying it!

Q:  How will FleetCommander help manage your maintenance tasks?

A:  Since the system tracks odometers, this will help us automate communications with customers and keep our preventive maintenance on schedule. Having maintenance records in the same system with all other vehicle information will help us in our annual fleet assessment, when we evaluate which vehicles are in need of replacement.

Q:  You were a participant in last year’s user conference. What did you think?

A:  The FC User Conference was a perfect opportunity for us to meet our counterparts from other Universities, see how other schools utilize the software, and learn about upcoming enhancements. As new users, it was particularly helpful for us to learn from the expertise of others and consider how we might want to set up the system for our use. The group was the perfect size to be able to share openly and develop relationships with our peers and we have benefited from those contacts many times over.


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