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When it Comes to Tech Support: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Posted by The Agile Client on May 02, 2019

"A picture is worth a thousand words." This expression first appeared in a newspaper in 1911, and it refers to the notion that a complex idea or problem can be conveyed in just a single picture, and that a picture conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than any description would.

So, what does this have to do with FleetCommander? When you call into technical support and tell us you’re getting an error, a screen shot of the error goes a long way in helping technical support diagnose and resolve the problem.error message-cs blog

Take an example of a problem at the kiosk. You can call in and tell us you’re getting a script error on your kiosk. We would ask you some questions and try to diagnose it, but we would invariably ask you to send in a picture of the error, such as the one below:

Notice that the picture lists the line and character having the error, along with the error and error code. This will help technical support in diagnosing the problem, giving them invaluable information. If rather than calling in, you prefer to send an email to support ( with the picture of the error, along with a description of the actions taken before the error, technical support can resolve your problem more effectively because we have the information we need from the get-go.

If a screen shot is not possible because you don’t have the software, or the problem is that the kiosk is frozen, a picture with your phone usually is just as helpful.

Help us to help you! A picture really is worth a thousand words when it comes to support.

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