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Consider RFID Card Readers for Quick and Easy Access at the Kiosk

Posted by The Agile Client on August 03, 2017

If you use a key control system for self-dispatching of vehicles, you may want to think about using RFID card readers. Normally, the user will use the kiosk to login using a username and password. That’s good because the user is not required to remember a reservation confirmation number. RFID readers can improve that experience. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from customers that are using RFID card readers. The users love it.

Scott County’s fleet manager, Troy Beam, says his users have been sending him very positive emails regarding the readers:

I love the new card reader. It makes check out/in so much faster.

P.S. Card readers? FABULOUS!

Regarding the card readers: This is a great response to the survey and shows how the motor pool staff continues to make strides to improve this service. Nicely done.

Nice job on the card readers! Thank you for your work on this!

Below is a picture of Scott County’s implementation at one of their motor pool locations.


When employing an RFID reader, the user holds his card near the reader and he’s automatically logged in. It can be configured for single-factor or two-factor authentication. Single-factor means that the user can get access to the system by just swiping the badge next to the reader. Two-factor authentication means that once the user swipes the badge next to the reader, he will have to enter a password to get access to the system. Most customers are comfortable using single-factor authentication.

The reader we use can support many types of badges. If you’re interested, reach out to Agile tech support at and we’ll send a one-page questionnaire. Complete the questionnaire and send us a couple of badges. We’ll test the cards to see if they will work with the reader. If it happens that your cards don’t work, we do have our own RFID badges. You could hand these out to all your users or just the ones that use the motor pool most frequently.

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