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Did you know? FleetCommander can help you enforce fleet policy. Here's how.

Posted by The Agile Client on September 08, 2016

Matt Wade_Customer Success.jpgWelcome to this month's "The Agile Customer" blog, the go-to place for FleetCommander users to learn the latest tips and tricks to optimize use of FleetCommander technologies. This month we focus on enforcing fleet policies.  Did you know that enforcing fleet policy is a major money-saver for fleets?  FleetCommander does it for you automatically. In fact, our customer Forsyth County, NC slashed POV reimbursements 50% by enforcing their POV policy using FleetCommander. Here's how FleetCommander can help you enforce your policies.

FleetCommander can automatically ensure that fleet staff and drivers have read the latest changes to a policy. When a user logs in to FleetCommander for the first time to perform tasks such as enter odometer readings or request a vehicle, they are prompted to acknowledge that they have agreed to the fleet policies:


Fleet users are prompted to read the policy only if they have not already read it.

Acknowledgement that a fleet user has agreed to the policies is recorded in the system:


Only after users have acknowledged that they agree to the terms of the policy can they get access to FleetCommander.

If your policy should change, you can require users to acknowledge the policy the next time they try to access FleetCommander. With FleetCommander, policy enforcement can be customized to include your fleet’s specific requirements, and there are dozens of types of rules that can be enforced automatically.

For more on creating, communicating and enforcing fleet policy, download our e-book below.
Developing and Enforcing Fleet Policies: Download E-Guide

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