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Did you know? Sharing Documents with Your Users in FleetCommander

Posted by The Agile Client on April 06, 2017

Matt Wade_Customer Success.jpgNeed to share documents with your users? Make them available on the Documents link on the home page.

share doc1.png

A sample of this interface is shown below.

share doc2.png

Documents made available by the administrator can be viewed and downloaded by FleetCommander users. The users must be logged in. Therefore, the documents will not be accessible by anyone outside of your organization’s FleetCommander community. You have much flexibility in limiting the access to the documents within the community, as well.

To access the administrative Documents function, navigate to Tools > Documents.

share doc3.png

A list of documents is displayed. Use the standard icons to view, edit, or delete a document.

share doc4.png

To add a new document, click on the “Add a New Document” button.

share doc5.png

The document form is displayed. Enter the relevant information and upload the desired document.

share doc6.png

Notes about the Document form:

  • The “Document Name/Title”, “Document Description”, “Version Date”, and “Category” appear to the Users on the Document function’s user-side interface.
  • The “Category” pull-down is used to define similar types of documents, e.g., policies, forms, information, etc.
  • For the document to appear and be available to users on the Document function’s user-side interface, the “Active?” field must be checked.
  • Documents are assigned site permissions. This limits access to the documents by users that have the specific site permissions assigned to the documents. Check the boxes next to the site(s) from where the document should be accessible.

If a document is selected via the “Browse…” button, a standard Windows interface is used to help search for the document.

share doc7.png

After identifying the file, double-click on it or hit the “Open” button. With the document selected and the information entered, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the form. Once the file has uploaded successfully, the administrator is returned to the Documents main page. The new document will now appear along with the message, “New document uploaded successfully.”

share doc8.png

Tip: Want to make it available to other administrators and not to any other users? Make the document inactive by unchecking the Active checkbox. You can even adjust the site access permissions to restrict which administrators can get access.

share doc9.png

I hope you found this month's Tip & Tricks about sharing documents within your FleetCommander community useful. As always, we welcome your feedback. Feel free to provide ideas and comments below.

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