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Did you know? Tips for Temporarily Restricting Vehicle Usage within FleetCommander Due to COVID-19

Posted by The Agile Client on April 02, 2020

Matt Wade_Customer SuccessIn response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we are aware that it may be affecting our clients' usage of vehicles. If your organization has decided to restrict vehicle usage during this time, we have put together the FleetCommander configuration changes you can make to enforce this. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to or 408-213-9555 x2.

  1. Add announcements to the following layouts about limitations and closures:
    • Welcome page: Enterprise Settings > Layout > Welcome Text
    • Header text for all FleetCommander pages: Enterprise Settings > Layout > Header Text - All Main Website Pages
    • Modify cancellation emails to indicate why the reservation is being cancelled: Site Settings > Site > Layout > Reservation Email - Reservation Cancelled
  2. Send out notification emails to your user base:
    • Tools > Send Email > Email User Tool
  3. To disable reservations from being made:
    • To restrict all reservations from being made during a timeframe: Create a holiday under Configure > Holidays for the duration of the closing. Doing so will not allow any reservations for any usage type to be made during that time frame. If a user attempts to make a reservation during that time frame, the following pop-up will stop the reservation from being made.
      Administrators will have an option to continue to ignore the holiday warning message, if necessary.
    • To allow an administrator to review all reservations during this time: Turn off Auto-Approval, Auto-Assign, and Manual-Assign under Site Settings > Site > Reservations tab and select “No” for the eligibility. This will cause all requests to go into a pending status. Administrators can then either approve or cancel the request.
    • To disable only specific usage types: Deactivate the usage type under Configure > Usage Types > Select Type and uncheck “Active.” Note that this will deactivate it for all users, so that no reservations can be made under this usage type until it is reactivated.
  4. Current reservations:
    • Cancel any existing reservations for the timeframe. If desired, create a new cancellation type (e.g. “Canceled because of COVID-19”) under Configure > Cancellation Type, choose “Add a New Cancellation Type,” and make it active.
  5. Extend the time between vehicle uses:
    • If drivers will still be using your vehicles and because the novel coronavirus can last on surfaces for up to 3 days, you may want to extend the time between reservations to 3 days.  This will give time for the virus to die.  FleetCommander’s End Buffer feature will allow you to do this.  Go to Configure > Site Settings and click on the pencil of the site you wish to edit.  Go to Reservations tab > End Buffer.  72 hours is 4320 minutes.  Place 4320 (without the comma) into the field and save your changes.
  6. If you’re using a key control system:
    • If no one should be taking or returning keys, turn off communication to the key boxes by going to Site Settings > Site > Kiosks tab. Click on the pencil next to the kiosk you wish to edit. Uncheck both “Active” and “Enable Communication.” Do this for each of your kiosks.
    • If the key control system will need to stay on, turn off Grab-and-Go reservations for the affected usage types by going to Settings > Site > Kiosks tab. Click on the pencil next to the kiosk you wish to edit. For the “Enable Grab and Go” option for each usage type you wish to disable, choose “Off.”
    • If your users will still be allowed to drive vehicles, please follow the CDC recommendations to disinfect the vehicle, the keys, the fuel card, and if using a key control system, the kiosk screen, the keyboard, and the key system door handle. We encourage you to implement a regular cleaning schedule to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Keys, keybox, and kiosk hardware can be wiped down using disinfectant wipes without harming internal electrical components. Please ensure you do not use any products that might be harmful to screens and plastic or spray any product directly into electrical or component directly.

Please let us know if you have further questions or recommendations in the comment box below or send me an email. Stay safe. We’ll make it through this.


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