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Lost keys are not a problem with our system -- and a few simple tips

Posted by The Agile Client on July 01, 2020

Doreen MarraffaOne of the many client issues handled by our support group is related to the key control system. Not only do we help troubleshoot problems associated with the key control system (such as forgotten administrator pin codes), there is always the question: "I have lost a key. How do I order a new one?" It’s a fact of life. Things, including keys, get lost. But with the Agile Fleet key control system, replacing a key is an easy and painless process, especially if you follow a few of our tips.

First, you should be aware that Agile's key control systems come standard with a spare key for each key slot. Each spare key has a unique serial number for its specific position within the key box. The serial number can be found on the back of the key. Getting a replacement key is as easy as calling or emailing Agile Fleet Support and providing the serial number associated with the key position being replaced.

keyHowever, we often see the client does not have a spare key because that, too, was lost along the way. If the spare key is lost and there is no record of the serial number, the client needs to order a new key cartridge, which is more costly and requires installation.

As a best practice, we advise all clients to be sure to record the serial numbers for all the keys when they first get the key box, prior to installation. That way, if both keys are lost, you can provide us the serial number so that another key can be ordered without having to replace the cartridge in the key box. It’s also a good idea to get a replacement key as soon as the main key is lost, so there is always a spare key available.

Finding yourself without a key for a certain key slot is not a good experience. This is just a way to be more proactive, improve your system uptime, and to save yourself the hassle and expense of having to replace and install a key cartridge.

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