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Meet our New Customer Success Representative

Posted by The Agile Client on March 01, 2018

Please join us in welcoming the newest member of the Agile Fleet Customer Success team: Ben Nelson. Ben is a recent graduate of (Agile Fleet customer) Purdue University with a B.S. in Economics. Ben has already hit the ground running here at Agile because he worked with us as a summer Intern in 2016.

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Consider RFID Card Readers for Quick and Easy Access at the Kiosk

Posted by The Agile Client on August 03, 2017

If you use a key control system for self-dispatching of vehicles, you may want to think about using RFID card readers. Normally, the user will use the kiosk to login using a username and password. That’s good because the user is not required to remember a reservation confirmation number. RFID readers can improve that experience. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from customers that are using RFID card readers. The users love it.

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New maintenance features coming to FleetCommander Version 5.0

Posted by The Agile Client on July 05, 2017

There are new maintenance features coming to FleetCommander V5.0. These are being released in conjunction with the new look-and-feel of V5.0. The new features include work order enhancements, a technician dashboard, and a shop manager dashboard.

For work orders, you can now establish a priority, a status, a status reason, a primary technician, and a default category for the type of work being done. Multiple technicians can be assigned to work on the various tasks on the work order. All technicians’ ...

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Maintenance Feature Upgrade: Technician Time Tracking

Posted by The Agile Client on May 10, 2017

Big changes are coming to the FleetCommander work order. One of the most significant changes concerns the tracking of technician time. The current way to track time is for the admin to select a technician from the drop down. That technician’s hourly cost of labor would auto-fill the work order. The admin would then indicate the number of hours that the technician spent on the task.

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Did you know? Sharing Documents with Your Users in FleetCommander

Posted by The Agile Client on April 06, 2017

Need to share documents with your users? Make them available on the Documents link on the home page.

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