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Feeling good because your motor pool meets 100% of vehicle demand?  Why this may not be a good thing.

Posted by The Agile Fleet on August 08, 2017

If you are able to accommodate 100% of requests for motor pool vehicles 100% of the time, that could be a luxury that’s chewing up your bottom line. While fleet managers certainly don’t want to have to turn down requests of their internal customers, if the shared fleet can meet every request all of the time, then it is likely the fleet is too large and needs to be reduced. On the flip side, if your requests far exceed your ability to fill them (and here a benchmark may be useful), then you may have too few ...

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Topics: Utilization, Right-sizing, Fleet Management Technology

An Insider's look at City of Stamford's Fleet Success with Fleet Manager, Mike Scacco

Posted by The Agile Fleet on August 01, 2017

Mike Scacco has been the fleet maintenance manager for City of Stamford, CT for more than 12 years. Mr. Scacco drove the initiative to automate the management of the city's fleet, resulting in $300,000 reduction in vehicle costs, as well as $500,000 in vehicle replacement cost avoidance. 

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Topics: Insider, Government Motor Pool, Utilization, Right-sizing, Fleet Management Technology, GPS

Checklist for Selecting a Maintenance Technology Solution

Posted by The Agile Fleet on May 24, 2017

There are many solutions out there for managing maintenance and tracking technician time, but are they easy to use? Do they consider real-world working environments faced by technicians and shop managers? Here is a quick checklist for technician time tracking and work order management capabilities you should look for.

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Topics: FMIS, Fleet Management Technology, Preventive Maintenance

Part 2: An Insider's look at Indiana University Fleet Success with former Motor Pool Manager Mike Hardesty

Posted by The Agile Fleet on April 25, 2017

This is Part Two of a two-part Interview with Mike Hardesty, former Motor Pool Manager for Indiana University.

Mike Hardesty is a seasoned fleet manager with nearly 30 years of experience running the motor pool at Indiana University in Bloomington. A Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM), Hardesty is a well-respected member of NAFA, having served as the Chapter Chair of the Tri-State IN Chapter, a Co-chair of the NAFA’s Public Service Committee, and an At-Large Director for ...

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Topics: Insider, University Motor Pool, Starting a Motor Pool, Fleet Management Technology, Customer Satisfaction

Expert Tips for a Successful PM Program

Posted by The Agile Fleet on April 04, 2017

If you are looking for a good reason to have a great Preventive Maintenance (PM) program, look no further than your financial bottom-line. Sound PM programs save money. Period. As a fleet manager, you should be prepared to defend your budgets relative to staffing, parts, and even the fleet management information system needed to efficiently manage your efforts. Understanding the cost-savings and the components of a great preventive maintenance program are key.

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Topics: FMIS, Fleet Management Technology, Preventive Maintenance