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Want to reduce fleet costs tomorrow? Do this one thing.

Posted by The Agile Fleet on March 20, 2018

Having, communicating and consistently enforcing a money-saving policy can dramatically reduce fleet costs. Unfortunately, many fleet managers are overwhelmed by the idea of how to create and enforce policy. But it’s not as difficult as you may think. In reality, you could start to enforce one policy tomorrow and start saving money immediately. Is it really that simple? It can be. Here are some questions we hear from fleet managers regarding policy.

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Topics: Right-sizing, Fleet Policy

Why sharing vehicles is good news (and how to communicate that to your stakeholders)

Posted by The Agile Fleet on February 20, 2018

In a perfect world, you could get out a megaphone and announce to your drivers that everyone is going to start sharing vehicles and everyone will jump up and cheer. Unfortunately announcing the news that you are going to share – especially for those who are driving their own company vehicle - may not be such welcome news.

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Topics: Motor Pool Technology, Right-sizing, Utilization, Fleet Metrics

Getting to Start: How to Measure Your Fleet Utilization When You Don’t have Fleet Technology

Posted by The Agile Fleet on January 25, 2018

Many people come to us saying they have no way of tracking or managing their vehicles or the employees using their vehicles. Most have no vehicle sharing program. Some do share vehicles, but are doing it manually, with email, spreadsheets, and paper. And while many do track odometer or fuel burn, the majority have no idea of whether their vehicles are efficiently utilized or not, or how to go about getting data to support an answer.

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Topics: Motor Pool Technology, Right-sizing, Utilization, Fleet Metrics

An Insider's look at the State of Michigan's Motor Pool Success with Fleet Manager Dave Hofmeister

Posted by The Agile Fleet on December 05, 2017

The State of Michigan’s automated motor pool system has managed nearly half a million reservations for its shared vehicle fleet at 20 sites across the state since its inception in 2010. Read more about this extraordinary motor pool system in this interview with State Motor Pool Operations Manager Dave Hofmeister.

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Topics: Insider, Fleet Management Technology, Utilization, Right-sizing, Government Motor Pool

Take the next step in vehicle sharing: share between departments (Part 1)

Posted by The Agile Fleet on November 07, 2017

If your organization has several departments individually sharing vehicles, congratulations! You're already saving money and acheiving efficiencies that sharing brings. Many organizations haven’t taken that first step yet. But if you have, we want to encourage you to consider going the next step: share between multiple departments. 

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Topics: Motor Pool Technology, Right-sizing, Utilization