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Colleges and Universities Using the FleetCommander FMIS Have Scored Big!

Posted by The Agile Fleet on September 20, 2021


How has your team been doing?

Ed Smith 200-1ON THE FIELD

Colleges and universities that use the FleetCommander fleet management information system are winning big on the grid iron this season!

We’re happy to see Iowa State University, UCLA, Michigan, Oklahoma, University of Iowa, Notre Dame, Illinois State, University of Wyoming, Virginia Tech, Ball State, Southern Illinois University, Alcorn State, University of Minnesota, Villanova, Purdue, Michigan Tech, University of Arkansas, Georgia Southern, University of Tennessee, Frostburg State, University of Northern Iowa and dozens of other friends in the FleetCommander community racking up wins this early in the football season.

Our FleetCommander team is rooting for you every weekend (although we struggle when two FleetCommander schools are pitted against each other).


Colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada are winning with FleetCommander.

FleetCommander helps manage fleet vehicles and fleet drivers in higher educational institutions. From a fleet perspective, these fleets have some of the more complex business rules and procedures to implement. Faculty, staff, and students pose different challenges for fully automated vehicle sharing and right-sizing initiatives.

But FleetCommander is up to the task. FleetCommander is used to manage thousands of vehicle reservations each week and is the perfect solution to manage the shrinking and growing of the fleet during pandemic times.

Let the FleetCommander team show you the savings. I’d be happy to discuss further, as would any of the experts here at Agile Fleet.

Reach out to me at and let me know how we can help. Or, for more information visit our website at


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