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GHG Reduction Targets are Here.  How Can You Reduce Emissions from Your Fleet?

Posted by The Agile Fleet on October 17, 2022

Climate change is front page news. According to the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change, man-made climate change continues to be one of the biggest threats to earth. UN officials warn that we find ourselves in a “now or never” position if we want to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees between 2030 and the early 2050s. According to scientists, warming over 1.5 degrees will trigger catastrophic consequences – food insecurity, water scarcity, extinction of species, coastal flooding, extreme weather, and so on. It reads like the stuff of ...

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Electric Vehicles Will Draw Us Together Like No Prior Fleet Topic

Posted by The Agile Fleet on April 19, 2022

Fleet managers, fleet trade associations, and fleet vendors will be drawn together as they’ve never been in the past. The unifying topic? electric vehicles (EV). I just returned from a successful NAFA fleet conference in Columbus, Ohio. Every day had a session dedicated to EVs. More than 125 people attended just one of the EV sessions I was in. Even off-topic conference sessions ended up gravitating toward the topic of EVs during the Q&A portion of ...

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