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Electric Vehicles Will Draw Us Together Like No Prior Fleet Topic

Posted by The Agile Fleet on April 19, 2022

Fleet managers, fleet trade associations, and fleet vendors will be drawn together as they’ve never been in the past. The unifying topic? electric vehicles (EV). I just returned from a successful NAFA fleet conference in Columbus, Ohio. Every day had a session dedicated to EVs. More than 125 people attended just one of the EV sessions I was in. Even off-topic conference sessions ended up gravitating toward the topic of EVs during the Q&A portion of ...

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Vehicle utilization a challenge? Get our new in-depth guide

Posted by The Agile Fleet on April 16, 2019


Because the topic of fleet utilization is such a critical interest of fleet managers everywhere, we are pleased to announce the release of our new e-book: Ultimate Guide to Understanding Fleet Utilization & Achieving a Right-Sized Fleet. Working together in cooperation with NAFA Fleet Management Association, we developed this in-depth guide to help fleets unravel the challenges of fleet utilization with metrics and using automated solutions. We truly hope that ...

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Beyond “use it or lose it.” A better way to look at utilization.

Posted by The Agile Fleet on November 06, 2018

Kate Vigneau is Director of Professional Development at NAFA and this month's guest blogger.

I have a friend who is a District Manager for a pharmaceutical company. He drives the long way to the airport for his weekly commute because it adds 10 miles a trip which allows him to squeak by the monthly utilization threshold set by his company; and keep his car. I have seen government organizations strive to justify dedicated vehicles for employees who operate them less ...

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NAFA's Fleet Certification Program

Posted by The Agile Fleet on September 18, 2018

Guest blogger Kate Vigneau is the Director of the NAFA Fleet Management Association’s Professional Development where she is responsible for shaping the content of NAFA’s education and certification programs. Vigneau spent 26+ years in the Canadian Army, retiring as a Lieutenant-Colonel in 2010 to open KMVS Fleet+Consulting. There, she spent more than 8 years serving fleet clients such as NAFA, NATO, the United Nations, the Canadian military, and other organizations.

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