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How fleets can move forward positively - despite Covid-19

Posted by The Agile Fleet on May 12, 2020

Did you know that 80% of fleet managers expect budget reductions next year? Fleets hit hard financially by the Covid-19 crisis may now be required to make changes that will reduce costs, increase social distancing, and improve efficiency. The good news is that it may not be as difficult as you may think. Things like eliminating underused vehicles from the fleet, sharing vehicles in a self-service motor pool, and fleet right-sizing can all significantly reduce costs.

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Slash fleet expenses by sharing motorpool vehicles between departments

Posted by The Agile Fleet on April 29, 2020

Does your organization have multiple small fleets that serve discrete groups of individuals? Our experience has shown that operating small, geographically co-located sub-fleets in most organizations can be one of the least efficient ways to operate a fleet. Why? Because you generally plan for worst-case scenarios when it comes to the size of a department fleet.

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Topics: ROI, Utilization, Fleet Metrics, Right-sizing, FMIS, rightsizing, return on investment

Make Your Case for Fleet Technology in your Organization

Posted by The Agile Fleet on January 08, 2019

2018 was a record-setting year for Agile Fleet. We’re happy to report we welcomed the second-highest number of new clients ever in a single year.  Many of them are well on their way to transforming their fleet processes, reducing costs, and improving service to their customers.

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Here's why motorpool meeting 100% of vehicle demand is a problem

Posted by The Agile Fleet on August 08, 2017

If you are able to accommodate 100% of requests for motorpool vehicles 100% of the time, that could be a luxury that’s chewing up your bottom line. While fleet managers certainly don’t want to have to turn down requests of their internal customers, if the shared fleet can meet every request all of the time, then it is likely the fleet is too large and needs to be reduced. On the flip side, if your requests far exceed your ability to fill them (and here's where a benchmark may be useful), then you may have too few vehicles in a location. One ...

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Topics: ROI, Utilization, Right-sizing, FMIS, Fleet Management Technology, rightsizing

Make a Business Case for Motor Pool Technology

Posted by The Agile Fleet on August 04, 2016

Three components to making a business case for fleet technology include: quantifying, articulating, and sharing your goals; anticipating stakeholder/decision-maker questions; and clearly communicating the return on investment (ROI).

Your organization can save tens of thousands - even hundreds of thousands of dollars - by sharing vehicles, reducing unneeded vehicles, and automating fleet management processes. By automating vehicle reservations, dispatching, and billing and reporting, your organization can ...

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