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6 Ways a Shared Vehicle Can Benefit Drivers

Posted by The Agile Fleet on July 07, 2022

A motor pool can be a great way to cut costs and right-size your fleet. However, employees who are accustomed to reimbursement checks or the “perk” of a company car may be resistant to sharing. How do you get buy-in from every driver? Give them the ultimate perk: round-the-clock access to a shared fleet that offers online reservations for a variety of newer vehicles, maintained, and cleaned by an efficient fleet office.

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More Than Odometers: Other Crucial Metrics Fleets Need To Be Effective

Posted by The Agile Fleet on June 02, 2022

Understanding odometer and hour meter information for any desired period of time is important to get a grasp of their utilization picture. Historically, odometer or hour meter data was the key metric for utilization. In fact, it is still used in many fleets today and it is of great value to capture and use if it is available to you.

But there are many other points of data fleets use to get the full picture of what vehicles are being used, for how long and how far, which vehicles are not being used, and specific to cost ...

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Why do a Fleet Utilization Study?

Posted by The Agile Fleet on July 12, 2021

Understanding your fleet's utilization is at the core of fleet right-sizing. Many fleets undergo fleet utilization studies as a first step towards getting their fleets right-sized and under control.

But how is a fleet study conducted? How often should it be done? How do you articulate the goals of your study? What changes should be made as a result of your study? We hear these questions and many more on this topic, so here is ...

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Fleet Utilization Studies Keep Your Fleet on Top of Change

Posted by The Agile Fleet on April 04, 2021

The goals of a fleet utilization study are ultimately to:

1. Capture and present vehicle utilization metrics in a way that provides a clear understanding of utilization, and

2. Make changes needed to operate the fleet more effectively and efficiently by:

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