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Vehicle utilization a challenge? Get our new in-depth guide

Posted by The Agile Fleet on April 16, 2019


NAFA E-Book Utilization BannerBecause the topic of fleet utilization is such a critical interest of fleet managers everywhere, we are pleased to announce the release of our new e-book: Ultimate Guide to Understanding Fleet Utilization & Achieving a Right-Sized Fleet. Working together in cooperation with NAFA Fleet Management Association, we developed this in-depth guide to help fleets unravel the challenges of fleet utilization with metrics and using automated solutions. We truly hope that you find this to be a valuable resource for shaping the future of fleet and mobility management within your organization.

Why is there such interest in fleet utilization? The answer is simple. When you understand utilization, you understand how to right-size and maximize the efficiency of your fleet, and reduce costs. When you understand utilization, you can confidently modify the composition of your fleet. In doing so, it is almost certain to result in savings.

Advances in technology have changed the way we are able to understand and view utilization. And, no doubt, technology will continue to change the way we view utilization. Whereas we used to think of utilization in terms of miles/kilometers driven or fuel burned, today we can track actual use of a vehicle down to the minute - at each location for each class of vehicle. We can pinpoint usage to the minute vehicle usage starts and stops by tracking such actions as turning an ignition on or checking out keys from a self-service kiosk. The size of a fleet directly impacts its ability to complete one’s mission, while clearly having a significant impact on an organization’s financial bottom-line. Too few vehicles and you can’t get work done, too many vehicles and you’re burning money needlessly. The key is to have the ‘right’ utilization when it comes to your fleet.

By understanding vehicle use at this level, we can truly understand how many vehicles we need of each class, and at each location.

We are happy to have collaborated with NAFA Fleet Management Association on this first-of-its kind resource. Of their involvement in the development of this guide, NAFA Director of Professional Development Kate Vigneau tells us: “The subject of fleet utilization has always been a topic of great interest to fleet managers, and there was a need in the industry for a resource that addresses it in-depth; this book meets that objective. In fact, several of the fleet managers featured in this ebook have earned their Certified Automotive Fleet Manager certifications from NAFA, demonstrating their mastery of these skills. We are excited to collaborate with fleet technology provider Agile Fleet who have nearly 15 years of experience helping fleets unravel the challenges of fleet utilization with metrics and automated solutions.”

Want to learn more about using fleet utilization metrics to right-size your fleet? Download your copy of this new resource here.


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