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An Insider's look at Dona Ana Community College Fleet Automation Project

Posted by The Agile Fleet on December 17, 2019

Dona Ana Community College (DACC) has been a longstanding client of Agile Fleet for more than 11 years. Dona Ana successfully manages an automated motor pool, along with vehicles that are individually assigned to college employees, and vehicles that require maintenance schedules to be managed within the system. They provide fleet vehicles at four locations: the DACC Espina Campus, East Mesa Campus, Gadsden Center, and Sunland Park Center. Here are some reflections from the Dona Ana fleet staff on how the system has changed the way they manage vehicles.


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Q: How manual was the process prior to automating?

A:  Every aspect of managing our vehicles required us to put pencil to paper to track and manage them, including maintenance service. We kept track of oil changes, for example, by placing stickers on the vehicles. Now, preventive maintenance schedules are handled automatically. As for the motor pool, in the past drivers were required to come into the fleet office or call us during business hours just to reserve a motor pool vehicle. Now, drivers can make reservations at their convenience anytime online.

Q:  How important is it to your organization to communicate and enforce policies?

A:  This is very important to us. We maintain a list of policies and frequently asked questions on our FleetCommander website that help communicate our policies to users. These can easily be updated or changed with a few keystrokes. Before a user can make a vehicle reservation, they are directed to our policies page where they are required to read and agree to our policies before they can make a motor pool vehicle reservation. Every operator of a motor pool vehicle is responsible for understanding and adhering to all our policies. This is tracked in the system. The system also automatically tracks when driver’s licenses and New Mexico State University (NMSU) driving permits need to be renewed. All drivers must have these two items in their possession while operating a DACC vehicle. It also helps us track course completion status and when they expire. The system tells the administrator at the time of dispatching out a vehicle that the operator's license is expired. Managing all this manually in the past was time consuming and not as accurate as we would have liked.

Q:  How important are reports to running your operation?

A:  Being able to run reports in the Agile Fleet system has been extremely helpful, especially in billing. If there is a discrepancy, the report helps us find the problem so that we can correct it. In the past, billing was done manually. Account numbers were written down on paper as vehicles were dispatched out with a sign out, sign in sheet containing information such as department, index number, fuel and miles out and miles in. A staff person had to process these sheets, and the billing using spreadsheets. The system also helps to determine where newer vehicles need to be allocated for higher mileage areas/users.

Q:   How does your fleet management team like the system?

A:  FleetCommander has been very helpful in cutting down the billing time and making the process faster and smoother. A former DACC fleet administrator tells us “I don’t know how we got along without it. We appreciate the frequent updates and responsive technical support team.”


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