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An Insider's look at Agile Fleet's Technical Support Team with Specialist Helen Lagerblade, formerly of Iowa's DAS

Posted by The Agile Fleet on March 24, 2020

HLagerblade-1Helen Lagerblade is the former Fleet Services Coordinator for the State of Iowa’s Department of Administrative Services (DAS). Now a technical support team member at Agile Fleet, Lagerblade shares her unique perspective from once being an Agile Fleet client, to now being on the Agile Fleet Team. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about your former role at the State of Iowa’s DAS Fleet.

A: There are about 2,800 vehicles in the State of Iowa’s DAS fleet. It is made up of all state agencies, excluding the state universities and the DOT. Vehicles range from compact sedans to large trucks and semis. The motor pool comprises about 150 passenger vehicles available for rent by state employees. I was heavily involved with GPS, driver management, WEX fuel cards, communications, and data analysis. There was a lot of cross-training and teamwork including the use of FleetCommander for the motor pool which I was glad to be a part of. Although I was not there before FleetCommander was implemented, I have seen the paper logs and computer system that were used to track reservations prior to the implementation in 2016. It was quite a manual and tedious process.

Q:  What was your role regarding using FleetCommander to manage vehicles?

A: I was in the FleetCommander system daily. I would help approve requests and dispatch reservations as needed. For data purposes, I focused on data analysis using reports available in FleetCommander such as missing mileage and the utilization reports.

DAS uses FleetCommander to manage the motor pool through reservations that are manually dispatched, track and manage maintenance, and GPS. 

Q:  What are the main efficiencies would you say the State achieved?

A:  Data collection for analysis and automated billing are two most critical improvements that were achieved by the State as a result of bringing in the automated system.

Q:   What unique perspective do you bring to Agile Fleet clients in your new role? What are your favorite things about the job?

A: I love that every day is little bit different, from the people I talk to or in the questions we are helping to answer. I also am really enjoying that I learn something new constantly, whether it is in technology and testing or assisting a new client, or even custom technical work we are asked to do.

I think having used FleetCommander as a client allows me to quickly understand client questions and concerns from their perspective.  As a company, we know the capabilities and functions of FleetCommander but having that user experience gives me strong knowledge of day-to-day practices of administrators and end-users. Additionally, I think one of the biggest ways I am able to contribute to Agile and Agile clients is my background with GPS. As the main contact for GPS-related tickets, my in-depth experience in the GPS system while at the State of Iowa DAS helps me to dig in to client problems right away. I think my knowledge will also be helpful going forward as we see new features and releases, especially considering with how well-respected I feel like my perspective has been welcomed by the entire Agile Fleet team.  I really enjoy working for Agile!


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