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Did you know? We offer an upgraded data hosting environment

Posted by The Agile Client on November 01, 2018

Matt Wade_Customer SuccessHave you heard of our upgraded data hosting environment? It's called FleetVault. Should you consider it? If you haven't, your cybersecurity team would probably like to. While highly-stringent security has always been in place for FleetCommander customer data, Agile’s FleetVault is now being offered to help customers comply with escalating industry-specific security standards and requirements regarding data encryption on physical media. This month's blog offers more details in a Q&A on FleetVault with Matt Wade, Agile Fleet's VP of Client Success.

Q. If I elect to use FleetVault, what do I need to do to prepare?

A. If we currently host you, there’s nothing you need to do. If you are self-hosted, we will make it a seamless migration from your hosting environment to our FleetVault hosting environment. Our goal is to limit any impact on you. In advance of the migration to the new environment, we will hold planning meetings to coordinate the transition date and time. Transitions are generally scheduled for off-hours.

Q. Do I need to get my technical people involved?

A. If we host you, no. The switchover will be handled on our end. If you are self-hosted, we will need to work with your IT group to coordinate a successful, secure transfer of your database to our hosting facility.

Q. Is there an additional cost for FleetVault?

A. Yes. FleetVault involves a very significant investment in technology on Agile’s part. We have added new fault-tolerant hardware, purchased and configured the technology to enable the encryption, and made the investment in personnel needed to implement and manage the components necessary to offer FleetVault. Simply put, this stuff (the technology) is expensive and there is no way around it. As our existing environment is secure, and not all organizations require data encryption at rest, we are not requiring everyone to transition at this time. For those that elect to transition, there is an incremental increase in hosting charges.

Q. How disruptive will it be for my department and my users if we choose to move to FleetVault?

A. It will be seamless and undetected by users. We just need to schedule the transition during your off-hours.

Q. How long will it take to move to FleetVault?

A. Once you approve the move to FleetVault, we will coordinate a transition date and time. Lead times for transitioning to the new environment are generally 2-4 weeks. The actual transition time that you will notice is less than one hour.

Q. Does this mean the existing solution is not secure?

A. No. Not at all. Our existing hosting environment is very secure. In fact, we have never had an actual, or even perceived, breach of security in our hosting environment. This additional security provides for a scenario where physical media (such as drives or backup tapes) are hacked or stolen. This likelihood is very remote. However, for those that have a requirement for the additional protection, FleetVault ensures that data in the hands of criminals cannot be accessed. Sensitive data in the database is protected with keys that are used to encrypt the data with a certificate. This prevents anyone without the keys from using the data.

 If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Matt Wade, VP of Client Success at or Ben Nelson, Client Success Representative at

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