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Maintenance Feature Upgrade: Technician Time Tracking

Posted by The Agile Client on May 10, 2017

Big changes are coming to the FleetCommander work order. One of the most significant changes concerns the tracking of technician time. The current way to track time is for the admin to select a technician from the drop down. That technician’s hourly cost of labor would auto-fill the work order. The admin would then indicate the number of hours that the technician spent on the task.


Figure 1 - Old work order format

When FleetCommander V5.0 is released to customers in June, the technician will be able to track his own time towards the work order or to specific tasks on the work order.


Figure 2 - New work order format

In V5.0, both the technician and the shop manager have their own dashboards.


Figure 3 - Shop Manager Dashboard

The shop manager can assign work orders to technicians. Multiple technicians can be assigned to work orders and their tasks. Work orders can be prioritized and categorized for better tracking. The manager has total visibility into all work orders and tasks in progress. He can immediately see how the techs are spending their time.

The technician’s dashboard shows what work orders and tasks have been assigned to him.


Figure 4 - Technician Dashboard

He can put time towards direct labor (a work order) or indirect labor (breaks, meetings, cleaning the shop, training, etc.) by just clicking on one of the buttons. Doing so stops tracking time against the previous task and starts tracking time against the new task. New reports are available to the shop manager with respect to the time tracking.

The changes to the work order and the addition of the shop manager and technician dashboards are just some of the changes to be found in V5.0. Other changes include a responsive design to provide an optimal viewing and interactive experience with the new dashboards, a new overall look-and-feel, including new banner, colors, widgets, and menus. Stay tuned for the release notes regarding these changes!



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