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New maintenance features coming to FleetCommander Version 5.0

Posted by The Agile Client on July 05, 2017

There are new maintenance features coming to FleetCommander V5.0. These are being released in conjunction with the new look-and-feel of V5.0. The new features include work order enhancements, a technician dashboard, and a shop manager dashboard.

For work orders, you can now establish a priority, a status, a status reason, a primary technician, and a default category for the type of work being done. Multiple technicians can be assigned to work on the various tasks on the work order. All technicians’ time can be tracked against the work order. Below, we see that Abe Lincoln has logged 1.45 hours against the work order. The total time logged against the work order by all technicians is 2.61 hours.


The technician dashboard makes tracking direct and indirect time very easy and very accurate. Indirect time is captured by clicking on any of the customizable, colored buttons down the left side of the dashboard. In the example below, we can see that the technician has logged 17 minutes and 58 seconds against Cleaning Shop. If he wants to log direct time to a task, he can simply click on the green Start Time button to the left of the task. There is no need to log out of one work order and log into another. Time can be logged against a specific task or logged against the entire work order if logging time against a specific task is not required.


The shop manager has a dashboard, too. From here, he can dole out work, prioritize technician activities, account for and manage technicians’ time, and review all completed work. The shop manager can also track his own indirect and direct time.

maintenance3.pngPhelps Rogovoy and I presented a more in-depth overview of these and other new features of V5.0 in a recorded session. If you are currently tracking technician time, it’s important that you dowload and listen to this session before being upgraded to V5.0. If you are NOT currently tracking technician time and you are interested in doing so, please email me at or Phelps at for access to the recording and learn more about these features.



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