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Reduce fleet expenses by sharing between departments

Posted by The Agile Fleet on August 21, 2019

Does your organization have multiple small fleets that serve discrete groups of individuals? Our experience has shown that operating small, geographically co-located sub-fleets in most organizations can be one of the least efficient ways to operate a fleet. Why? Because you generally plan for worst-case scenarios when it comes to the size of a department fleet.

For example, if a university admissions department has peak demands that require eight passenger vehicles for a few months out of the year, ...

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Topics: Utilization, Fleet Metrics, Right-sizing

Want to right-size, right now? Here are the 5 key ingredients you’ll need.

Posted by The Agile Fleet on July 23, 2019

Do you want to right-size your fleet? Right-sizing is a continuous initiative focused on ensuring you have the right quantity and the right class of vehicles available at the right locations - at the right time. What do you need to right-size your fleet? Here are the five key components we recommend:

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Topics: Utilization, Fleet Metrics, Right-sizing

Vehicle utilization: How do you define it?

Posted by The Agile Fleet on June 04, 2019

If you asked 10 fleet managers to define fleet utilization, you’d probably get 10 different answers. That’s ok. Each fleet is different and fleet managers need to look at utilization in a way that makes sense for their organization. Utilization is generally expressed as a measure of demand compared to some type of capacity or threshold. The value is often expressed as a percentage. For example, if 5 out of 10 vehicles in a fleet are used in a given period of time, we might say our utilization rate is 5/10 or ...

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Topics: Utilization, Fleet Metrics, Right-sizing

Vehicle utilization a challenge? Get our new in-depth guide

Posted by The Agile Fleet on April 16, 2019


Because the topic of fleet utilization is such a critical interest of fleet managers everywhere, we are pleased to announce the release of our new e-book: Ultimate Guide to Understanding Fleet Utilization & Achieving a Right-Sized Fleet. Working together in cooperation with NAFA Fleet Management Association, we developed this in-depth guide to help fleets unravel the challenges of fleet utilization with metrics and using automated solutions. We truly hope that you find this to be ...

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Topics: Utilization, Fleet Metrics, Right-sizing, NAFA

Getting Back to Basics: Top 10 Fleet Management Best Practices

Posted by The Agile Fleet on February 19, 2019

Do you employ fleet management best practices? Review our Top 10 checklist and find out.

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